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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

It's Not Crazy: It's God

My girlfriend recently was given an offer for a job that she initially did not even apply for. When she heard about this she told me how 'crazy' it was. I laughed at the thought, because from my perspective it wasn't crazy it was God. I've noticed how God has been opening her up to the supernatural and reminding her of her true identity as a daughter of His as she continues to grow in her faith and considering that when she initially came to Australia she could not even find a single job easily, I consider this a sign of God's willingness to bless her with more than enough.

You see if there's one thing God has shown me this past year it's that He moves in ways that we don't expect - but when He moves it's clearly Him doing the impossible and for a reason. Sometimes that reason is to teach us lessons, sometimes it's to bless us, sometimes it's because we have an enemy that attacks us with lies and destruction and God needs to step in for us as a warrior.

In fact if I look back at the past four years of my degree I can see so many ways in which God moved in odd but divine ways. He led me to a job, got me into a program which enabled me to travel to the USA, showed me a beautiful and talented girl by the name of Jeanille and helped me to sure up my degree so that I would be able to graduate on time. I have no doubt now that as I look for work God will guide me to the right place - and that my presence there will make it the right place. But ultimately no matter what I will praise God, knowing that when things happen that seem crazy good or crazy bad God has my life in His hands and it's Him that I need to look to first and foremost.

Again: it's not crazy it's God!