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Reviews From A Different Perspective

This is a page with the links for reviews of books I have recently completed, films I have recently watched, and potentially games I play.

8/11/2016 -

7/11/2016 - A Review of Jim Butcher's Academ's Fury

6/11/2016 - A Review of HP and the Cursed Child (a play)

5/11/2016 - A Review of Brooklyn

4/11/2016 - A Review of the Throne of Glass Series

31/10/2016 - One of my blog posts recently was a review of the film Doctor Strange. You can check that out HERE. In that blog post I addressed the film from the concept of how should we as Christians view media and art that deals with magic? My conclusion is that it's perfectly acceptable if it is used as a metaphor for the supernatural powers of good and evil. It is this conclusion that fuels my view of the books, films and games I review.

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