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Monday, 1 June 2015

I Won't Try to Fix You

Interestingly, earlier on I read through an article about Bruce Jenner. Or should I say Caitlyn Jenner due to his 'transition'. Unlike many other people around I don't rejoice that Bruce is 'free'. I am saddened by the situation because it doesn't solve the deeper issues. Earlier this week I also had an interesting discussion on homosexual marriage legislation (I will express my opinion that I believe God is the only one who truly defines marriage very willingly) where I questioned the popular idea that marriage is just about 'love'. Because in my eyes society has 'love' all wrong by turning it into something which is more about chemical lust.

Hence the title for this blog post of mine. I will and I won't apologise to anyone offended by the ideas here. If you're offended maybe it's because you have bought into a popular mindset that ignores God in favour of a more superficial life. Maybe it is also my way of trying to explain this idea, but please understand that it is never my intention to deliberately hurt or offend anyone but it is my intent to explain and provide hard hitting truth.

The truth is that nothing I can do can fix you. Nothing you can do can fix you. Bruce Jenner went out and had surgery to try and fix himself, to feel 'free'. However the real issue is not in his skin but deeper down, the idea that he doesn't feel masculine enough because of other issues which have told him that really he is actually a woman. It's no longer about biology but about psychology and 'feelings'. In essence what Bruce Jenner has done in becoming Caitlyn Jenner is to say that God has not wonderfully designed him to be the person he is meant to be.

You know what it is that makes us feel ill at ease in our own bodies? The consequences of a sinful world. So as I wrote in this title, I won't try to fix you. I won't try to give you any kind of surgery to reassign you. But I will recommend you to the master surgeon who heals the deeper wounds that legislation and surface surgery cannot fix. Do you want to meet him? His name is Jesus and he heals all the brokenness deep down and truly reassigns you: from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light! If you want to know more then ask me any question you have. If you already know Him then my encouragement to you is to direct others to Him so that He can fix their brokenness that lies deep down!

Edit: This post is not intended to be a harsh dig at transexuals, gays, lesbians etc. I have a deep respect for all people and I feel that too much emphasis is placed on particular issues and ideas as sin by Christians rather than on recognising that deep down it is the heart issues that Jesus cares about. Jesus healed some people by telling them that their sins were forgiven because he knew that the surface issue of a broken body wasn't the real issue. So I'm not writing this blog post to say that you are particularly broken, odd, weird etc. This is not a shaming post or something intended to single people out.

This is a post that uses something I read about recently (i.e. Bruce 'Caitlyn' Jenner) in connection to the fact that Jenner reportedly said that 'she' was now free to explain that I believe this idea of freedom is false. True freedom, true healing, only comes from Christ. If you think I am judging particular people hear this: everyone needs Christ and His healing/freedom no matter how 'perfect' they are. Just because someone has an 'obvious sin' doesn't mean that you are any less a sinner. So I am not standing here to judge Jenner for 'her' actions in getting surgery but rather to express that I see such a thing as a more visible symbol of a broken world in which we all need Christ to truly free us. I would ask you to turn towards Him rather than anything physical.

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