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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A Better Way

Last week on New Year's Eve I sat down with my fiance to watch the fireworks from Williamstown. Minutes later I hear a voice, "you right there?" and feel a tap on my shoulder. The following day Jeanille and I were again out, this time shopping in the seemingly busy fruit market in the middle of Knox. Only to arrive at the counter and grumpily be told we couldn't be served because they closed half an hour ago. We still managed to get served but only after feeling disgruntled. Then yesterday the Chris Gayle incident happened.

What do these hold in common? The idea in my mind that there may often be a better way to say something. Chris Gayle could have made his comments off camera if at all. The gentleman asking me if I was right could have directly asked me to move location. The checkout lady could have politely explained that they were meant to have closed thirty minutes prior.

There is often a better, more gracious way to act and do things. My parents used to ask us to apologise for our misbehavior and to say it in a way that showed that we were sorry because it wasn't the apology that mattered but the actions accompanying the apology. The better way I am referring to is of course to do things with God. I just this week was offered a job which is in a location out of my way but which He led me to. I believe following Him now is the best for my life. What about you in 2016, are you following your own path or God's?