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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Godly Positioning

Two Sundays ago, my pastor in Every Nation preached what he felt the prophetic theme for 2016 was. He believed it was 'position for blessing' and spoke about the idea of how God wants us to position ourselves in a way that allows him to bless us. This very concept ran true to me because I have witnessed it coming true in the last three months.

At the start of December I proposed to Jeanille that we get married. This was after an argument which left me feeling as if I wasn't worthy of doing so, but I still felt God prompting me to continue with my - His - plans and to my delight she said yes. Several days later I received an email from a small school (one of many campuses of a bigger global school) in Swan Hill requesting that I attend an interview in Kerang. I was reluctant to do so but God and Jeanille both pushed me to go and to really trust and see what God had for me. The interviewers were impressed with me and asked for me to return in the new year and when I finally did they offered me the job - which possesses greater financial blessing and work opportunities than I could have imagined and all on the first interview after having been rejected many times.

Just this last week I began to teach at the Swan Hill campus, experiencing God's blessing despite the fact that my power was delayed in turning on (my company offered me a refund and some credit - more than I expected). The reality that I have discovered is this: when you follow God's plans you will put yourself in a position and place of godly positioning, where you can receive more than you ever imagined, even if you also experience trouble.

I want to encourage you all to follow God's plans for your life even if you need to go outside your comfort zone. Trusting Him places you in positions of financial, spiritual and holistic blessing regardless of any troubling reality. As Proverbs 3 states 'Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.' My paths are certainly straightening, what about yours?