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Sunday, 6 November 2016

My Warrior and The Philippines

Follow my friend, Keira, as she blogs about her life. Currently she, her husband and family are in the Philippines for ministry purposes. The insights from her about the differences between life there and life in a western country are incredible!

I highly recommend you follow her thoughts and summaries. Her last post focused on contentment, and the previous post was about celebrities and their self-destructive tendencies. All fascinating things to hear about and to realise at times that life here in a Western Country is fantastic in comparison.

Keira and I worked on a song together called You're My Warrior, which you can see below. I provided the lyrics and Keira made all the effort to transform it into this beautiful music video. 
Keira also has some fantastic other music videos on her youtube channel so please go and subscribe if you like this song! 

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